IMO “IMSBC code” requires the shipper to provide the master or his representative with appropriate information on the cargo sufficiently in advance of loading to enable the precautions which may be necessary for proper stowage and safe carriage of the cargo to be put into effect.

Cargo information shall be confirmed in writing and be accompanied by appropriate shipping documents prior to loading.

Information provided by the shipper shall be accompanied by a declaration. An example of a cargo declaration form:

As PEAT MOSS is listed as “Group A and B “cargo, which may liquefy if shipped at a moisture content in excess of its transportable moisture limit (TML), IMO “IMSBC code” requires TML certificate to be presented prior cargo can be accepted for carriage.

IMO “IMSBC code” point 4.3.2. states: 

“When a concentrate or other cargo which may liquefy is carried, the shipper shall provide the ship's master or his representative with

  • a signed certificate of the TML, and
  • a signed certificate or declaration of the moisture content,
each issued by an entity recognized by the Competent Authority of the port of loading. The certificate of TML shall contain or be accompanied by the result of the test for determining the TML. The declaration of moisture content shall contain, or be accompanied by, a statement by the shipper that the moisture content is, to the best of his knowledge and belief, the average moisture content of the cargo at the time the declaration is presented to the master.

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